A witty and intelligent podcast for moms (and some dads)

hosted by best friends Heather and Kate with special guest stars Alli P. and Nodelman (so special they are on every episode)

Each episode has four distinct segments.

The Naptime Radio Journey

Once upon a time in a land far far away...
Ok that's not really how our story begins

But it does start a long time 20 years. Heather and Kate met in college (University of Connecticut - GO HUSKIES!) when they were both, possibly simultaneously, dating the same dude. Nonetheless, they became friends. That friendship lasted and the dude is...long gone. So Heather and Kate became roommates. Then Heather became a radio DJ. Then Heather and Kate thought...which hurt...but seriously...they thought, "wouldn't it be fun to do a radio show together?!?!?" Eeeeeeek (insert unbridled college age enthusiastic screeching)!!! Then they came to their senses and realized they had no expertise in anything worth hearing. day...Kate got married and had twins. Heather thought, "that is NUTTY and I shall NEVER have twins". Then 5 years later, Heather (who was married at the time) had twins. Life is funny. One day Heather said to Kate "we should do a show about's friggin CRAAAAAZZZY, right?". Enter their friend Nicole. Nicole is super enthusiastic. Nicole said "DO IT". And every couple weeks Nicole said "DO IT" and eventually, they did. And that was 2009. And Kate kept right on having kids like a nutball and Heather stopped because she is smart (guess who is writing this content?). Enter Alli of the smartest people on the planet. Heather and Kate HAD to add Alli P. to the mix because she is funny AND smart AND she doesn't have kids so we can all live vicariously through her fancy life! And then came Nodelman. We don't write about him so let's wrap this up now. That is the story of Naptime Radio....a show aimed at keeping parents sane and entertained! Thanks for joining us on this journey!

  • We will make you pee a little

  • Combined we have over 160 years of intelligence

  • B-

  • Almost guaranteed

The Players

Yep...that's us!

Heather Petrovich

Co-creator and Co-host
Pioneer of the show, mom of twin girls, realTOR, hopes you’re not mad.

Kate Anastario

Co-creator and Co-host
Mother of four, organizus maximus, thinks everyone and everything is RUUUDE.

Allison Phillips

Queen of Biz Buzz
World traveler and finger on the pulse of current corporate jargon. Grammer Kween. Don’t mispel NEThing

Andrew Nodelman

News Man Extraordinaire
Much like Chandler Bing, no one knows what his real job is and he likes to make inappropriate jokes when uncomfortable. He doesn’t care.


Some people love us...which is AWESOME...and we love them right back!