February 1, 2016

Tracy Weber

Tracy WeberTracy is a nurse who met Heather (and then Kate) while she was trying to survive nursing school and they were working on whatever fluffy impressive degrees they ended up earning. She spent about a decade working as a critical care nurse which is a hard act to follow in terms of feeling cool, respected, and valuable to society.  During that time, she accumulated enough hilarious stories to save a boring dinner party or impress a potential date, and saw enough humans die to earn her dark, irreverent sense of humor and her tendency to hear and draw out the important details that people are reluctant to share. She has been working in nursing management and patient relations for the last 12+ years. During that time, Tracy was married and had two sons (This part of her story is fairly well documented on her blog: Gin-Soaked Olive).

In 2014, not long after her 40th birthday, Tracy was divorced. During the subsequent two years, she spent a bit of time not knowing which way was up, focusing very carefully on her kids’ physical, emotional, and psychological needs, trying not to just lay helplessly on a cold tile floor on the nights the boys were with their other mom, and slowing venturing into the unsteady world of dating (for the first time in over 15 years).

On the advice of a colleague, she started a new blog entitled: Beside Myself, where she overuses hashtags, ellipses, and sometimes course language in her essays and stories.  She writes about her little loves, the mind-blowing revelations forced upon her by parenting, #divorcedlife, current events, and friendship, revealing more than most think is “normal” about her emotions, mental health, quirky observations, and opinions. Tracy is a lover, not a fighter, but sometimes she LIKES a good fight… and generally believes (as she wrote for her MATCH.com profile) Life is a complete and total clusterf#%k, but if you’re not teeming with gratitude, you’re probably not paying attention.