October 8, 2015

Andrew Nodelman

Heather and Kate met Andrew and DebbieNodelman way back in their 20s when Kate worked with Nodelman’s best friend Mark (you will hear Mark mentioned occasionally).

Nodelman was quiet. Very quiet.  And tall. Very tall. Mostly he stood around and stared at Heather and Kate like they were crazy.

Then he spoke. And every time he spoke he was a riot. You had to pay attention because he didn’t speak often back then. And he didn’t care. He didn’t care one little bit. About anything. Oh, except he did want a girlfriend and he did want to get married. He approached dating in an extremely Nodelman fashion…a story that can only be told by the man himself.

But, long story short, he met Debbie. They dated and got married and now have two children and are totally adorable even though they pretend to hate each other.

Heather asked Nodelman to write an updated bio. For those of you who remember, Heather never actually posted his old bio…even though he sent it to her twice. So, there was some push back when she asked a third time….and here’s what Nodelman wrote:

I don’t remember what I said 5 years ago. I just know you weren’t impressed and refused to post it.

Waiting 5 years for me to become more interesting was a good idea.  Unfortunately……

I have the same job I had 5 years ago (being awesome)

I am married to the same chick.  (She stays with me for my money)

I live in the same house.  (It is like a palace.)

We did buy a minivan.  Make sure you add that. 2011 Honda Odyssey EXL.  (Chicks stare when I drive by.)

I did add a kid five years ago.  He is a boy.  His name is Caden.  He is cute.

I am probably wearing the same clothes I wore 5 years ago.  (When you have a look that works……)

Yeah not much has changed.  Once I became awesome (way back) I pretty much stayed this way.

If you want to add other stuff (true or not) I am good with that.  Do your thing.


And there you have it. Andrew Nodelman. The one and only. And he’s all ours…well, and Debbie’s.